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Once you notice the exclusions impacting talent from diverse backgrounds, you can remove them. I will help you notice and design an inclusion strategy.
— Ashlea A Elliott

I have dedicated my entire life to the reduction of inequalities and leaving no one behind - long before this became the motto of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Goal #10. 

I have spent my life:

  • Advocating for gender equality and LGBTQIA justice for 25+ years, racial social justice, human rights, and child protection for 10 years, global public health for seven years, and disability rights for five years.

  • Spending time with members of communities facing inequalities and exclusions, and listening to their real-life experiences, concerns, and desires for access, equity, integration, and inclusion

  • Acquiring a unique combinations of education, experience, and skills to becoming a subject matter expert in inequalities, exclusions, complexities of diverse identities, and inclusion.

  • Learning to articulate the specific ways that having talent from diverse backgrounds adds to a team’s performance and the need for teams to eliminate barriers so that everyone can perform their best in their workplace

  • Developing and delivering capacity building training sessions that provide teams with actionable strategies to notice and reduce invisible, intangible barriers in their policies, processes, behaviors, and environments

  • Integrating feedback from diverse communities into business processes and policy development

  • Collaborating with teams to introduce inclusion strategies and to create new processes, policies, behaviors, and growth opportunities that help all members of their team advance.

I founded this consulting practice in 2016 with a goal of transforming the way that companies approach diversity and inclusion in their ecosystems. Many of the barriers and exclusions that make it difficult to attract, develop, promote, and retain talent from diverse backgrounds are difficult to transform because they are invisible, intangible, implicit, and pervasive.

I help teams to notice barriers and bias they can not see, acknowledge the need to eliminate these exclusions, and articulate strategic actions they can take to make their ecosystems inclusive for people of all backgrounds.

Ashlea A Elliott Consulting is a woman and LGBT owned and operated business. (Certifications are in process).